Ellsworth Township is an idyllic rural Township located in the northeast area of Lake County, Michigan.  It has a long history with the logging era as well as farming.

Raymond’s Store

The first settlers came to the township in 1868 as Civil War veterans and under the Homestead Act and if they could “prove” for six months of the year for five years the land was theirs.  This happened in Sections 2 and 26 and some of their descendants live there yet today.

The logging era followed in the 1870’s and 80’s and opened up the virgin forests to ensuing land development.  Many European immigrants now came “for a better life” and began clearing land and farming.

Edgett’s Main Street 1910

Edgetts and Keenan were two towns in the township.  They were actually “sidings” of the ME&W and GR&I railroads and disappeared when the railways left after the forests were taken.

The immigrant families remained, farmed and still have ties here today.  The three cemeteries in Ellsworth, Valley, Pleasant Hill and East Ellsworth testify to the longevity of the area and are often visited by those seeking their roots.

The Township’s goal is to continue to be a quiet, peaceful, and rural community, surrounded by its beautiful and bountiful natural resources, wildlife, and year-round recreational opportunities.  Residential development remains low density while blending with the surrounding natural environment; commercial business development remains focused in the immediate vicinity of Luther; and industrial development is directed toward the Village of Luther.

We intend to protect our natural resources, including lakes, rivers and streams, wetlands, groundwater, forests, and soils through the appropriate policies.

Master Plan

The Master Plan is a guide for the future growth and development of Ellsworth Township, intended to encourage development decisions based on community character, the capability and the use of the land, and the needs and desires of the community.

A Master Plan acts as a guide for the future management and development of the Township. The Master Plan serves as the basis for the development and growth in the Township. Its purpose is to promote public health, safety, and general welfare of the community.

Read the Ellsworth Township Master Plan.

Read the Planning Commission Ordinance.

Mission Statement

Ellsworth Township will govern with honesty, integrity and transparency to provide our citizens with the best possible conditions to live, work and play in a cost effective manner while preserving and improving their quality of life, providing for economic growth and protecting our natural resources.  We will seek opportunities to maintain and improve our economic vitality and development opportunities by encouraging community involvement.